Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to questions that pop up on a frequent basis.

Have a browse through and if all the questions you have are not answered, feel free to Contact Us

Q: Do Aqua Tanks taint your water?

A: No, Aquatanks are manufactured from virgin polyethylene. They have AS2070, 1,6,8 for food NZ/B56920 for drinking water.

Q: What are your products like in the sun?

A: They are UV stabilised and are colour fast which means they will not fade in the sun and will not go brittle.

Q: How come Aquatanks have ribs and other don’t?

A: Aquatanks have a patented design, it cannot be copied. the ribs are also proven strength.

Q: Do you sell your products direct to the public?

A: Yes and No. It depends upon the product type and where in New Zealand, or the World, you are. Please contact us for further details.

Q: If I need to replace a playland part, where can I order them?

A: Directly from us.

Q: Can you provide certificates that your playlandcomplies with current safety standards?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you design a particular playland for my site?

A: Yes, we only need your site floor plan and your specifications/requirements and we will design a playland system for your approval.

Q: Can you provide matting and fencing with your playlands?

A: Yes, we can provide these with our playlands as a complete package.

Q: How do we keep our playland clean?

A: Warm soapy water – no harsh cleansers, and polish with Galloway International Ltd’s approved polyethylene polish.

Q: Do you have any Awards?

A: Yes, please have a look at our Awards Page.