Galloway Overview

Galloway International Limited is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company specialising in large rotationally moulded polyethylene products, celebrating over 40 years experience since 1975 in local and international markets.

We pride ourselves in creating products that are innovative, well designed and aesthetically pleasing while being structurally stable, safe and user friendly.

We are world leaders in the development and manufacture of plastic products including:

  • Galloway Kidz Playgrounds
  • Aqua Tanks
  • Mac Boats
  • Custom Moulding

Aqua Tanks

Our Aqua Tanks range of water and chemical storage tanks from 295 litres to 35000 litres including septic tanks, underground tanks and a range of nesting stackable tanks designed specifically for containerised shipping. Aqua Tanks are New Zealand’s number one selling brand, and are exported throughout the Pacific region. Aqua Tanks were the first company in Australasia to manufacture large polyethylene water tanks.

Mac Boats

MAC boats are the world’s first, fully moulded Polyethylene one-piece double-skinned pontoon boats using a patented system for the toughest boats. MAC boats range in length from 2.1 metres to 6.0 metres and are exported to, and have been installed in countries world wide.

Kidz Playgrounds

Galloway Kidz Playground products and systems are in demand and are installed worldwide.They are manufactured using colour compounded polyethylene which is specifically designed with the UV 8 protection for adverse conditions.

Smartwave Boats

The range of highly respected plastic boats, branded SmartWave boats are produced for the marine market and exported worldwide to destinations such as Australia, Europe, Pacific Islands etc


Galloway International Limited is internationally recognised as one of the leaders in concept, design, mould fabrication, and manufacture of Polyethylene products and systems. We are a technology based company committed to exploring and advancing through ongoing development, and working closely with leading experts, universities and key industry associations internationally.

We are privileged to have received design and export accolades for many of our own products as well as those produced for our clients.

Galloway International Limited are proud to be an approved supplier of playground equipment internationally to McDonalds’s Restaurants as well as an approved supplier to Walt Disney.

Aqua Tanks and Mac Boats are registered trademarks.