Emergency Platform – SeaWorld San Diego

Product: Emergency Platform

Client: SeaWorld San Diego

Design brief:

SeaWorld San Diego tasked us with designing an emergency platform to increase the safety of trainers working with orcas. In the event that something goes wrong, this emergency platform which covers the pool floor will rise rapidly to the surface of the water.

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Living With The Land Boat

Product: 'Living with the Land' Boat

Client: Walt Disney World Florida

Design brief:

Walt Disney World, Florida, is the site of the EPCOT centre, which stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” and was originally intended to be a futuristic model community based on utopian modernist ideas of communal living, no cars and no private ownership.

The entire agri-tech research center area has been re-branded under the rubric of “sustainability” and now includes a public exhibition on agricultural technology and global ecology called Living with the Land' – an exhibit on farming and agricultural innovation which takes the position that humanity can solve its food shortages and environmental problems by improving agricultural technology.

It’s a small world – Disneyland boats

Product: It’s a small world – Disneyland boats

Client: Disneyland

Design brief: Disneyland came to us to upgrade the boats for the theme ride ‘It’s a Small World’. This ride was built in 1965 and really needed an upgrade to increase the rider capacity and floatability of the boats.